Current Research Areas

Biomechanics of the Ankle/Foot Complex

Foot Ankle Modeling

  • 3D Computational modeling of lower extremity function
  • Simulation of gait in the cadaveric lower extremity
  • Experimental evaluation of new techniques for fracture & osteotomy fixation
  • Length patterns of associated ligaments and tendons
  • Kinematics of the joints during simulation of different injuries and clinical treatments

Biomechanics of the Hand/Wrist

biomechanics of hands

  • Effects of surgical procedures on hand/wrist function
  • 3D Computational simulation of hand/wrist function
  • Biomechanical performance of improved nerve glues

Biomechanics of the Shoulder & Elbow

Should and Elbow

  • Three-dimensional computational modelling for simulation of mechanical function
  • Stability of reconstruction techniques for elbow injuries
  • Fixation of proximal humeral fractures

Biomechanics of the Hip/Knee

Biomechanics of the Hip/Knee

  • 3D segmentation of acetabulum and femur from CT/MRI imaging for assessment of relative and global anatomical orientations
  • Stability of acetabular implants
  • Stability of femoral implants
  • Fixation techniques for mechanical stability of tibial osteotomies

Arthritis & Cartilage Repair

Arthritis and Cartilage

Experimental determination and finite element modelling of the in-vivo mechanical environment of articular cartilage in diarthrodial joints